Starfish Early Alert System

Please note: The Starfish early alert system will be replaced by the Salesforce Student Support Network, tentatively scheduled to begin in the summer of 2023.

Watch your email and the SSN page for more information.

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Student success and retention is strongly dependent on faculty members making students aware of concerns about their performance in class. With Starfish you can submit alerts about:

Attendance | No Show | Low Scores | In Danger of Failing | Cannot Pass | General Academic Concern

You can also submit kudos for students who are doing well. Whether you have used our former early alert system or are new to this, there are some important features of Starfish you should be aware of:

First, when you submit an alert:

  • Starfish will send an email to the student on your behalf informing him or her of the reason for the alert and that an Academic Advisor will be in contact.
    • (The contents of the emails for the various alerts are in the document below.)
  • The alert will also go immediately to the student's Academic Advisor.
  • Furthermore, Starfish will allow you to track what progress is being made with that student.

Second, you have a choice in how you do the alerts:

  • Option 1. You can use Starfish at any time to submit alerts. Please remember that the earlier you submit alerts, the more time the advisors have to work with the students and the greater opportunity for success.
  • Option 2. You can use the Starfish Zoom In feature to automatically select student students who fall below a specified cut-off grade on an assignment or on the overall grade in your Canvas Grades, and then submit alerts to all those students at once.
  • Option 3. You can complete a Progress Survey. Three times during the semester Student Success will send out surveys in which you can indicate students you want to alert and why. The timeline for the alerts will be roughly:
    • Early Semester: This will let you identify those students who haven't shown up to class or whose participation or behavior causes you early concern.
    • Mid Semester: By this time, you likely will have had an exam or major assignment and will know who is not doing well.
    • Tenth Week: This is the last week to drop and will indicate those students who cannot pass the class and would be better off dropping.


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Last updated August 18, 2022
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