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Empowering faculty and supporting high-quality inclusive teaching and learning experiences by continuously fostering relationships, providing proactive leadership on effective educational practice, cultivating innovative learning technology use, and furnishing meaningful consultation, resources, and training to benefit the entire UCCS community.


Our vision is to serve as the nexus for cultivating impactful and inclusive learning environments where students thrive and achieve their full potential. We foster the design of high-quality and consistent faculty-developed courses, provide innovative and accessible learning technology solutions, and lead in scholarly instructional practices. We create a community where faculty and students feel valued, supported, and engaged in the teaching and learning experience.

David Anderson, Director
Dr. Dave Anderson

David Anderson, PhD, Director of the Faculty Resource Center, Senior Faculty Associate to the Office of Information Technology, and Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has over 30 years of higher education experience developing and implementing technology in teaching and learning.

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Chris Creighton, Instructional Designer

Chris Creighton, Instructional DesignerChris Creighton, PhD, is an Instructional Designer in the Faculty Resource Center. Since 2011, he has worked in higher education as a course instructor, curriculum specialist, and researcher. His enthusiasm for student learning, collaborations, and pedagogical curiosity allows him to offer an assortment of pedagogical expertise and craft course development.
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Jackie Crouch, Instructional Technologist

Jackie Crouch, Instructional TechnologistJackie Crouch, MA, is an Instructional Technologist in the Faculty Resource Center. She has provided technology solutions and training since 1999. A Canvas Trainer, her passion for all things related to technology in education keeps her engaged in research, evaluation, and recommendation of emerging technologies.

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Angie Dodson, Faculty Development Coordinator

Angie Dodson, Instructional DesignerAngie Dodson, MA, the Faculty Development Coordinator in the Faculty Resource Center, has been an educator for nearly 20 years as a classroom instructor, curriculum developer, and course designer. Her experience has provided her with a wide range of instructional expertise. She offers support and assistance to faculty in the development of course content and continuous quality improvement.

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Brandon Poulliot, Instructional Designer

Brandon Poulliot, Instructional DesignerBrandon Poulliot, MS, an Instructional Designer and Technologist in the Faculty Resource Center, has worked in higher ed since 2009 and has a robust background in and passion for educational technology, course design, and developing and administering training. He offers a wide array of technical and pedagogical expertise.
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Roxanne Rosenthal, Administrative Assistant III

Roxanne Rosenthal, Administrative Assistant IIIRoxanne Rosenthal, MA, is the Administrative Assistant for the Faculty Resource Center. She supports the administrative, programming, event planning, and financial aspects of the Center. Her passion in helping others strengthens the Faculty Resource Team so they can provide the best for our faculty.

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FRC Teaching Advisory Team

FRC Teaching Advisory Team members assist the Center in the following ways:

  • Serve as advocates for their colleges to further the Center's mission and its role on campus
  • Make recommendations for teaching enhancement programs, events, and grants
  • Support collaborative events and programs related to teaching enhancement across campus
  • Actively participate in at least one Center program or event per semester each academic year

The Advisory Team includes faculty representation from each of the colleges, the FRC Director, the FRC Faculty Development Coordinator, and other members of the campus:

  • Dave Anderson, Faculty Resource Center
  • Matt Balk, Excel Centers
  • Leyna Bencomo, Assistive Technology and Accessibility
  • Angie Dodson, Faculty Resource Center
  • Ying Fan, College of Business
  • Cory Gavitt, Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education
  • Lynnane George, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Dylan Harris, College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
  • Margaret Harris, Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Andrea Herrera, College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
  • Janice Thorpe (Lead), College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
  • Henriikka Weir, School of Public Affairs

Last updated December 12, 2023
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