What is a Micro-credential or Badge?

A Micro-credential, also known as a Badge, is awarded upon successful completion of requirements for defined competencies. The badge can be shared electronically in your teaching portfolio, social media, and professional networks.

What Badges are available at UCCS?

In addition to the badges issued by the FRC for its Instructional Development Programs, UCCS offers other badges as well.

View all badges available at UCCS.

How do I create a Badge?

  1. Fill out the Micro-credential Intent Form and send a copy to Janice Thorpe
  2. Have all of the following information (metadata) assembled then schedule an appointment with Jackie
    1. Badge Name
    2. A 500-character Badge Description
    3. Skills (list 6 to 10 that the badge earner achieved)
    4. Achievement Type (Experience, Learning, Validation, Certification - Industry Recognized)
    5. Mastery Level (Foundational, Intermediate, Advanced)
    6. Time Commitment (Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years)
    7. Cost (Free, Paid)
    8. URL to a page with additional information (optional)
  3. View this video to guide your process:

    Quality Metadata from Credly Academy on Vimeo.

  4. Contact Gabby Hensley to create a graphic design for your Badge
  5. Add Badge information to your department/unit website

Last updated April 13, 2024
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