AI Writing Detection in Turnitin

The Turnitin AI writing detection tool is active in Canvas. To see the AI score, click the Similarity score in SpeedGrader, and the AI writing indicator will be in the side panel.

Similarity Score to AI Score

Educators are strongly cautioned in their use of this score. Many issues are addressed in Turnitin's AI Writing Detection Capabilities - FAQs. Some things to consider:

  • Turnitin uses a proprietary model, unavailable to the public, to analyze small, overlapping samples of written submissions and estimate the likelihood that portions of the writing were generated by AI
  • The overall “AI score” represents the average of all scores generated by the process of analyzing the small samples rather than a percentage of AI generated vs. content written by a human
  • While students can see Turnitin's Similarity score, they cannot see the AI score
  • Turnitin notes that "Our AI writing detection model may not always be accurate (it may misidentify both human and AI-generated text) so it should not be used as the sole basis for adverse actions against a student. It takes further scrutiny and human judgment in conjunction with an organization's application of its specific academic policies to determine whether any academic misconduct has occurred."
  • Students should be involved in conversations in your course around appropriate usage of generative AI technology


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Last updated June 2, 2023
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