New Faculty Retreat


New Faculty Retreat

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August 2022 New Faculty Retreat Recordings & Resources

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Welcoming Remarks 

Jerry Phillips, Director, Excel Science Center

Connecting Students with Faculty and Campus: Strategies for Student Success (Keynote)

Ann N. Amicucci, Ph.D., Director of First-Year Rhetoric and Writing, Associate Professor of English, Department of English, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Students who make connections with faculty, other students, and organizations and events on campus are more likely to be successful in college. This presentation will share strategies faculty can implement in online and in-person classes for building relationships with students and facilitating students’ ability to connect with each other and the campus community.

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Student Support and Campus Resources Breakout Sessions

  1. Supporting First Generation Students

    Jesse Perez, Director, Excel Languages Center

    • This session is designed to give you a foundational framework for supporting first-generation students on the UCCS campus. Your efforts can be the catalyst a first-generation student needs to feel valued and understood which can contribute to student retention and persistence outcomes. At UCCS, we want our first-generation students to take pride in being the “first to go” in their family!

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  2. Good Teaching is the Result of Carefully Planned Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    Grant Clayton, Associate Professor, College of Education, Teaching and Learning

    • This presentation introduces planning curricular goals, instructional methods, and assessing student learning to maximize student success. This interactive session will help faculty with the inter-relationship between curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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Teaching Fellows Breakout Sessions

  1. Making Headlines and Memes

    Tre Wentling, Assistant Professor, Women’s and Ethnic Studies, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences 

    • Do headlines spark your interest? Have you shared a meme with others or imitated it yourself? Making Headlines and Memes is a creative assignment that promotes active reading, writing practice, and oral communication as well as the promise for engaging in-class discussions.

      PowerPoint Presentation | Handout

  2. Empowering Students’ Voices: Engaged Writing Through the “Dunlap Method”

    Carole Woodall, Associate Professor, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, History 

    • This interactive session will guide you through a process to empower student writers by focusing on the expression of ideas and use of language. The four-step method gets students engaged as critical readers and responders by boosting confidence.

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Final Hour with the Faculty Resource Center

  1. Implementing Open Educational Resources (OER) at UCCS

    Susan Vandagriff, Scholarly Communications Librarian and Assistant Professor, Instructional and Research Services, Kraemer Family Library

    Katherine Cliff, Senior Instructor, Mathematics, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

    Patrick D’Silva, Instructor, Philosophy, College of Letters Arts and Sciences

    • Using the OER SUCCESS model, this interactive session will explain what OER are and why they are used, provide resources for locating OER, offer strategies for implementing OER into a course, and touch upon student creation of OER.

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  2. Promoting Access and Inclusion in Teaching with Universal Design

    Angie Dodson, Faculty Development Coordinator, Faculty Resource Center

    • Using the Faculty Resource Center’s ACCESS Model, this session will provide an overview of universal design and accessibility, describe teaching strategies that support universal design and access, facilitate an open discussion about opportunities for next steps.

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  3. Connecting with Teaching Resources, Technology Support and Canvas Resources

    Jackie Crouch, Instructional Technologist, Faculty Resource Center
    Steven Rodela, OIT Academic Support Manager

    FRC Resources Handout | OIT Resources Handout


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