QA Certified Courses


QA Certified Courses

Congratulations to UCCS Faculty for QA Certification

Quality Assurance Certified courses are based on the OSCQR (pronounced, “Oscar”) rubric that encompasses six domains:

  • Domain 1: Course Alignment
  • Domain 2: Getting Students Started
  • Domain 3: Organization and Representation
  • Domain 4: Accessible Course Design
  • Domain 6: Assessment and Feedback

Originally developed as a partnership between the Online Learning Consortium and State University of New York, OSCQR is now an open, customizable, course-level, quality-review process that:

  • Integrates faculty directly into the review process
  • Generates an action plan for future iterations of the course 
  • Results in rigorous, inclusive online courses

Leslie RapperlieENGL 1800: Fundamentals of Creative Writing

This course provides students with an overview to creative writing by surveying three genres of the field: poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Students learn to “read like a writer,” examining published pieces for elements of craft and then, with that information, develop their own creative work in each genre.

Certified Spring 2022
Leslie Rapparlie, MFA



Sydney Pearson, MAHUM 3990: Hero to Superhero

In this course, learners embark on a journey through time, art, and history through literature and film to explore the idea of the “hero” across 3000 years of western civilization.

Certified Spring 2021
Sydney Pearson, MA 



Nathan Price, MAENGL 1410: Rhetoric and Writing II

This course focuses on academic inquiry and argument, building upon the basic analytical and rhetorical proficiencies learned in ENGL 1310. Students write in-depth and well-researched arguments on substantive issues. They engage in extended inquiry which encompasses identifying, evaluating, documenting, and integrating print and non-print sources while enabling them to examine their chosen issue in its full complexity.

Certified Spring 2021
Nathan Price, MA 


Kylie Swanson, PhDIELM 4035: Teaching Elementary Science

This course addresses science teaching methods in inclusive and diverse elementary classrooms. Specifically, pre-service teachers will learn how to use Project, Inquiry, and Discovery-Based Instructional strategies to engage learners in exploring authentic, important, and meaningful questions and to promote equitable and diverse participation in STEM.

Certified Spring 2021
Kylie Swanson, PhD 


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